First aid for sudden cardiac arrest

Thousands of people die from sudden cardiac arrest each year. Many of them could have lived longer, if only those around them would have had some basic first-aid skills.

The chances of saving a dying person are few. With every minute of inactivity, the chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest is reduced by 7-10%. Only 10 minutes are available for anyone trying to save a person’s life before death occurs.

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Weight loss and diets from celebrities

weight loss

The defense system is arranged in such a way that soon it will start resisting to the reduction of the calorie intake, resulting in a refusal to accept the plan over the course of the following days. Persons deciding to lose weight should be ready to show patience and perseverance for a long time, with the leading role to be played by the mind, not by emotions.

If someone has decided to lose weight, he/she should reduce the energy value of the diet very gradually. The maximal possible reduction of the caloric intake per day is about 10%. During the diet, fatty foods and sweets have to be excluded first, follow by the rest of the products.

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